"ForeverBird Studio specializes in visual design for artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians that serve a community, enlighten, entertain, and educate." - Mitra Cline M.A., Owner

What bird lives forever?

you say impossible, but I say the phoenix lives forever!

Any creative person or business owner will tell you that they are continually innovating and, like a phoenix, trying new ways to achieve goals. Out of the ashes of chaos, the phoenix bird of fire takes flight with the confidence of one who is immortal. This bird is the essence behind ForeverBird Studio's approach to visual design. We find the courage and energy to reinvent visual style over and over again as technology and environments force change. 

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Why is Visual Style Important?

Images inspire us to achieve more and implementing a consistent visual style helps a business attract their ideal customers. It is possible to find creative and constructive visual designs while also meeting traditional goals like increasing sales and reducing expenses. Awareness of art’s connection to behavior is critical for achieving epic goals like a sustainable global community with good economic and ecological growth. Not all business people lack interest, money, and time for contemplating the impact of their products and services.  

3 min Design Project video Includes:

  • Original Art Development
  • Product Development
  • Content Marketing Stratagie 
  • eCommerce Website Development
  • Educational Workshop Development

Why Collaboration?

At ForeverBird Studio, creative projects are collaborative and involve at least 2 people (you & me)

Achieving success in new ventures involves the task of collaborating harmoniously with others. Collaboration is a skill with social impact, production and revenue rewards that go beyond anything an individual is capable of accomplishing.

What are your goals?

Today's creative entrepreneurs are leaders and have new opportunities because so many great design resources are available for free. Together we inspire and support each other to achieve epic goals. I wish that our collective creative energy solidify opportunities for the emerging new generations.

Awareness of the arts connection to human behavior is critical for achieving epic goals like a world with a sustainable global economy and ecology.