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logos and Branding Projects

To keep integrity and authenticity in a brand means the visual style will change over the years to maintain it's core theme as culture changes. Over time, it becomes a system with a complex collection of assets and history. The process of creating a logo can accelerate the brand identity process because the emerging picture itself can reveal insights about the community it represents by involving them in a design thinking process.  


long term business success

The branding of Foreverbird Studio, for example, is always in some kind of transformation as markets change. The logo changes in response to internal and external realities.

simple and complex Design systems

In the images below you can get a sense of the difference between a standardized approach to images vs. one that looks at the image as a more complex system with different but associated qualities. On the standard model, with the gray background, we see the same colors and logo design applied to every item merchandized from a promotion. On the system example, we see the logo with different colors, graphic elements, and style that can be applied where appropriate.

Logo Standardization Exmaple


Logo System Example

2018-branding system.jpg

fixed Brand values and principles

NOTE: These brand system example images are a simplified version of the kinds of brand assets and guideline documents in branding projects.  

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 11.20.57 AM.png

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