Selecting a Creative Process

Selecting the right process for your project can speed up the time it takes and improves the quality of the final outcome. With so many options, how do you know what process is right for you? Watch these three videos and start thinking about it now!

branding processes

Selecting the right combination of brand resources to match the building requirments is the start of the process. Small budget brand building starts with low cost stock art. Large budget brand bulding includes teaching team member to read identity systems. The projects for traditional branding include documentation for understanding, publishing, and customizing creative assets under the following business need categories:

  • Packaging

  • Content Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Web Presence

  • Merchandising

  • Sales And Collatera

the challenge of seeing 

imagine the changes of image meaning over time.

Depth psychology methods such as active imagination and art practice research, make it possible to gain better insight into the cultural and personal changes. If you watch the BBC video series by John Berger, you will understand how advances in technology change the way people see the world. Because the rate of technology is changing so fast, this requires businesses to maintain a system of managing the continual changes to the content of their brands.

adding the feedback loop

customer (global citizen) experience projects

One of the new technologies influencing branding is social media. It is now possible to get real-time feedback from customers and collaborators from anywhere in the world and anytime thanks to software for people. If you watch the video, What is Agile?, it will explain new some beliefs and principles because of what is possible with new technology. Below are seven types of customer experience projects to improve overall customer experience. (source)

  1. Create A Clear Customer Experience Vision

  2. Understand Who Your Customers Are

  3. Create An Emotional Connection With Your Customers

  4. Capture Customer Feedback In Real Time

  5. Use A Quality Framework For Development Of Your Team

  6. Act Upon Regular Employee Feedback

  7. Measure The ROI From Delivering Great Customer Experience