Art Workshops

Students of all ages benefit from lectures, mentorships, and structured classes. I have worked for the following organizations.

podcast Series by Mitra Cline

Adventures in Creative Communication Podcast 2012

Videos Art Workshop Series By Mitra

Art journal Class

Original Odyssey Cards and Mermaid Love Letters Stickers included in class. 

Portrait Class

Charcoal, pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, pencil

Face Casting Class

Moulds, Masks, and Sculptures

Zine Print Class

Create your own Zine. Topics include: event program, political comic, portfolio, poetry, short stories, fundraiser, kids game, promotional shopping program.

Digital Drawing Class

Tablet, computer devices, digital publishing, sales and print on demand services. 

sacred Earth Sculpture Class

Working with rock, minerals, clay, and site specific elements.