Art and Illustration

Creative work for Editorial and Commercial use

What materials best match your project goals? Digital Art, Video, Photography, Watercolor, Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil, Paper, Stone, Wood, Metal, Glass or...

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Mitra's Art Diary

Editorial Project 

Art, Blogging, Social Media, Mailchimp Newsletter, Mobile Art Studio

A personal documentation project, starts with college level creative writing from the year 2000. It includes final art project images, works in progress, studio photos, special events, inspirational refrences, videos, tutorials, graduate level academic writing and ongoing updates.

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Mermaid Love Letters

Commercial Project

Digital Illustration, Print on Demand, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, Watercolor, Wall Display

Mermaid Love Letters stickers, cards, and coloring book are inspired by mythic images of couples. Each letter is unique and visually illustrates the challenges and the gifts of communicating with the ones we love in the diversity and the complexity of our close relationships.

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