Original Art

What materials will best represent your Brand?

Selecting the right materials is so important in communication. Many options are possible and the sky is the limit. I work along with other professionals to find the right talent to create the art needed. This includes creative writing, sound, video, and photography.

Using myself as Example

What materials best represent ForeverBird Studio? It's the psychological material, the imagination, human creative capacity, and the way people communication. Below are three examples of my personal creative projects. The most recent, Mermaid Love Letters, focuses on the alphabet. I am currently active in all three of these personal creative projects as they are intertwined in my creative life process at the moment. 


Mermaid Love Letters

Mythic images of people inspire mermaid Love Letters. Each illustration is a unique grouping of mermaid people forms. The mermaids are available as a children's alphabet book, circle sticker sets, coloring book, glyph font, greeting cards, wall art, and small sculptures. Mermaid Love Letters is a playful approach to creative writing for any age, potentially educational for learning the alphabet, numbers, spelling, writing, and relationship ethics.

OriginalOdyssey–Creative Game_logo.png

Original Odyssey

Are you creative? YES! Can you focus your mind’s eye and see what you want in front of you? Imagine you want to decorate a room, write a story, or invent something new. The ability for a clear inner vision of what is possible helps in achieving your unique creative ideas. Imagination is an influential factor in making success in many areas of life, and Original Odyssey is a card art journal designed to practice creativity and artistic skills. The ability to manifest what you imagine can develop depth with practice.

My Artist Diary

My Artist Diary, my digital art project, is a Wordpress blog and my artist diary. It contains original work from age 18 (older entries backdated from the 2008 site launch). The website is a real-time record of my creative life, and I continue to add to it.