Art and Illustration

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2016 Project: Digital Illustration for Mermaid Love Letters

Mermaid Love Letters are a personal project by me and inspired by mythic images of couples. Each letter is unique and visually illustrates the challenges and the gifts of communicating with the ones we love in the diversity and the complexity of our close relationships.

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2015 Project: Digital Illustration for Original OdYssEy

A personal illustration project, Original Odyssey – beautiful artist puzzle cards are designed to spark imagination with improvisational play. There is no ‘right’ way to play. It’s part imagination, part conversation, part reflection, and part card game.

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My work is for you because it illuminates the intrinsic unity of all beings in existence so that these meaningful connections are felt and seen. In this statement, I focus on three methods I that support my creative practice: active imagination, dream tending, art-based research. Overall, I express my vision for the future and why art is a vital part of this beautiful world.

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