Sara Box's Website and Booklet, Nutrition and Fitness for Life!

Sara graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Anthropology and minors in Personal Fitness Instruction and Exercise and Health Science. Upon graduating she received her personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and was offered her first job at Titan Sports Performance where she had been working as an intern. In 2013, Sara completed her Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition through Hawthorn University. In 2015, Sara with her associate Matt Anderson purchased Titan Sports Performance with the shared goal of building a community of strong, fit, and healthy individuals.

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In 2017 Sara and I started to create a WordPress website that allows her to publish information about her nutritional programs. We wanted to keep the production costs down while providing the most useful information to potential clients.

To better understand the details of her nutrition program, I did it myself. I can not speak highly enough of Sara's skill in fitness and nutrition.

Nutritional booklet

We also created a custom booklet with information with basic nutritional information that she can give out to her clients. It includes information like tips for real food, meal planning, food preparation, and journaling. Sara is a wealth of information and these materials, the website and the booklet, are a great sampling of the knowledge gained while working with her. If you are interested in working with Sara, contact her in advance. She books up quickly!

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Cline and Roning Family History Website

This site is under development and I've been collaborating with my grandfather on developing it this summer. There are two parts to this website.

  1. The first part is  the history of the Cline and Roning families.   Russel and Mabel are the main focus of this history.  The chapters form a chronology of their lives.  The stories of ancestors and the genealogy charts trace allow a glimpse of previous generations.
  2. The reflections section uses photographs to illustrate memories in the life of Marie and Richard. The includes friends and family, nature photos, Santa Barbara and more, much more.

The collection of this information started a decade ago.  The initial intent of printing a booklet became lost as the finish point could never be defined.  With modern website access there is almost no limit to the amount of information stored.  The content it can be altered at any time so this becomes a living document.

Some Favorite Family Photos

SBRC-SBRS Company Histroy

I've had the pleasure of working in this company history site, a collection of employee memories from SBRC’s / SBRS’s company history. Diane Sova collected SBRC-SBRS history with the plan to publish it in book form. The publication was interrupted by her on-going world tour.  Her compilation is an incomplete document that became a website. It needs contributions from people of all parts of the company.  They need memorable events from all. They also need organized history from former managers.

Sample of Company Newsletters


Expert from A. D. Paul,  Presented to the SBRC Management Club 20 January 1981

Back when I went to the movies they also had a serial. Every Saturday afternoon you could go for another installment. This series has been rather momentous and I presume you all remember January 20, 1981, but for a moment I would like to go back to April 1 of 1952, which was on a smaller scale a momentous day, and I would like to go up to Mission Canyon. You go up past the Mission, across Foothill past the Botanic Gardens all the way to the end. It’s known as 1500 Mission Canyon Road. There were half a dozen buildings up there. Back in the forties it was known as the Lomas Feliz Private School. On April 1 in 1952 you would have seen a Los Angeles businessman by the name of Ted Horowith running up the foothills. He was a treasurer of the Pacific Mercury Television Manufacturing Company. Not far behind him you would have seen a deputy sheriff, by the name of King. The deputy did indeed catch the businessman. What he was trying to do was serve some papers and there were some people who were observing all this, guys like Gene Peterson, Jack Lansing, Stan Buller, Jack Kuhn, probably Bill Shockensey, perhaps Tom Johnson, (he kind of came and went, one of those parttime drifting fellows) Leon Morris, whom some of you will recognize who probably knew as much about what was going on in the company as anybody. I was not a witness to this event. I heard about it in detail later.

My Costly Mistake with Yelp Offers

Clients ask me all the time if they should advertise on Yelp. They ask about advertising on Yelp because business owners receive sales calls pitching their services. I also get calls and emails. Recently I got an email from Yelp offering a free trial of $300 in services that I wanted to try. It was not the deal I was expecting it to be. In the process, I've learned that there are many complaints against Yelp for their company practices.

Yelp Offer eMail

The Value of Paid in Ads on Yelp

I took up the offer for advertising and set up a monthly budget. Below is the reporting from the Yelp site. If I look at my website analytics, I see only 17 people, not 42 reported by yelp.

$30 per click, no leads, no sales

Buyer Beware!

What I didn't notice in the fine print is that I was not just doing a free 30-day offer, I was agreeing to ongoing billing too! My first notification of this was a bill on my credit card for over $300. Because I technically didn't cancel my account like I should have after the 30-day trial budget, I am legally responsible for paying the fee, according to my credit card. You can take a look at the UI. I have some screenshot from the web application. Unfortunately, I clicked the $300 max budget estimate and misinterpreted the meaning of 'Maximum'.  I think the main text should say: Set Your (Monthly) budget. Also, if you look above, for the free offer month they only used a $200 spend, saving themselves 1/3 of the offer provided. BUT in month 2 they had no problem maxing out my ads.

Fake Reviews and More!

If you have had a similarly disappointing experience with Yelp, please let it be known! While I paid for ads, I did notice that I have a couple positive reviews that are people who I have never met! You don't have to look hard to find complaints:

On September 16, 2014 The Federal Trade Commission filed an order for permanent injunction and civil penalty judgment in the Case against Yelp, Inc.  Yelp  was ordered to pay a $450,000 civil penalty with a permanent restraining order (

Client: Israel Committee

Project Scope: Logo, Website, Postcard, poster, Program

The Israel Committee of Santa Barbara is an independent organization whose purpose is to foster informed support for Israel in the community, to facilitate effective responses to anti-Israel bias in the media and other public forums, and to provide opportunities for study and dialogue on related topics.

Client: Patricia Diorio

Project Scope: eNewsletters, Flyers, Website Updates, Social Media Publishing, Logo and Sign Design

Patricia Diorio brings 20 years of experience in education and psychology to her work as an intuitive spiritual counselor and media coach. She is passionate about making a difference in people's lives by inspiring them to remember that we are all powerful spiritual beings having a human experience.