5 beautiful card designs

With increasing demands in the design industry it is necessary for designers to continually improve on their skill sets. The creativity skills include; learning new technology, expanding media strategies, and increased productivity demands. In an effort to make this learning process more fun, I have compiled a list of beautiful cards that are creativity tools for designers. "IDEO Method Cards is a collection of 51 cards representing diverse ways that design teams can understand the people they are designing for." (See more/ Buy)

75 Tools For Creative Thinking

"A world where you can maximise your skills to reflect, analyse, associate and use your intuition to come up with new ideas. These tools will help you and your team to be creative in any situation or problem you may encounter." (See more/ Buy)

The Design Deck

"The Design Deck enables you to learn graphic design while playing poker." (See more / Buy)

Chaos Odyssey - Activating Imagination

ChaosOdyssey_cardsChaos Odyssey is a deck of 33 cards with 66 unique faces designed to enhance imagination by creative improve and play based on depth psychology techniques.

Design Play Cards

"The Design Play Cards challenge, inspire and explore the opportunities for change through designing for sustainability with over 50 full colour cards!" (Read more/ Buy) Featured image in this post: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:AIGA_lifestyle_illustration-1.jpg