DIY Marketing Guide

Creative Service Marketing Guide

This 4 page PDF includes notes on what you need to do and buy to market your business. I call this a creative service marketing guide. The PDF shows you the big picture and how brand materials are used to fill your business marketing goals, such as customer acquisition and retention. This strategic plan is centered on using a set of basic graphic files with original messaging that will appreciate in value as your business materials grow in complexity.

Before you buy.... 

In no specific order, I suggest you start with what seems most attractive to you, consider the following three topics. When you meet with a professional or make your own decisions about business marketing keep these core ideas in mind so that you make consistent decisions.

  1. Vision

    1. Create a picture of your business that represents the essence. Include:

      1. images

      2. text 

  2. Examples

    1. Collect example marketing materials you like: 

      1. posters

      2. newsletters

      3. coupons

      4. advertisements

      5. business cards

      6. brochures

      7. packaging

      8. t-shirts

      9. websites

      10. logos

      11. and any other materials you like...

  3. Legal

    1. Organize the business documents so you have all the info you need to make your business materials official.

      1. Contact information

      2. Official business name

      3. Invoices and other accounting communications.