Zine and poster design in one!

I got inspired to create my first zine and poster design for the Ventura Art Walk event. I'm on a guerrilla marketing girl budget - so I was excited to find a solution!

It's 40 cents a piece to print these 8 page zines / poster at Kinkos - the last min. turnaround option. So for under $40 you can get 100! It's also possible to order 1000 in color for about $300 putting the per piece cost at just 3 cents - but you have to get your order is at least a week early.

Poster with MAP
Poster with MAP The unfolded Zine
The unfolded Zine Cover
Cover Zine
Zine Help Help [caption id="attachment_4703" align="aligncenter" width="670"]The Booklets!
The Booklets! The Event Info Stand!
The Event Info Stand! Event Info Stand Event Info Stand[/caption]