Brand Building and Documenting

branding Events And collaborative Processes

One of the challenges of building a brand is communicating it's essential qualities to team members who do not have a clear understanding of design principles. Events and creative group processes help give people experience and knowledge plus you get added benefits from the documentation materials made in the event. You can use recorded materials in marketing and as a reference to help plan successful future events. 

Storing And Distributing Documentation Online

In documenting projects, you need to select the right application and formate all the media to display beautifully and be accessible for use. Here are some common platforms for sound, video, photo, and text documentation:

Example: Mystic Sisters

The mystic sisters was a creative psychology collaboration that helped participants to connect with their image, and the profound meaning of a mask image. In this documentation example, we taught a face casting workshop. This video shows how meaningful a creative experience like this is to participants because it gives them a unique opportunity to reflect on their specific life circumstances. You can read more about this art research projects in the scholarly paper, Removing the Mask.