About Creating and Protecting Digital Assets

"I have experience with over 100 brands offering products & services that share share core values." – Mitra

Digital assets come with digital property rights that a business or individual owns. Copyright, brand-marks, and trade-marks are legal terms used with original work. Branding is one process of making original work, and a strong brand can maintain it's integrity across many points of contact with it’s target audience.

To learn more about creative collaboration theory, join a Digital Design - Group Feedback Session.  At Foreverbird Studio all brand visual design work includes at least two points of view (mine and yours). Our conversation will create a flow, so we can both work at our peak potential, and that will result in cutting-edge creative designs.

Foreverbird Studio Values:

  • Adaptability

  • Beauty

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Humility

  • Sustainability

  • Vitality

  • Inclusivity

  • Originality

  • Respectability