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a playful method for marketing your unique excellence.

As a small and portable digital media studio, it’s possible to leverage the power of social media with interactive design, multi-media, drop-in workshops, and live video presentations!

Why is Foreverbird Studio a small and portable design for marketing? Travel as a lifestyle is like nourishment to the soul. Also, climate change, economy and violence issues are increasing the displacement of communities. Migratory living could be an uplifting vision of the future that also connects us to our ancestors. A beautiful example of this vision is Moana’s “We Know the Way” song where she imagines to her ocean traveling ancestors and their life at sea.

The growing digital economy is enabling more people to work and travel. A new support community is in development for more flexible resource networks and flexible organizational systems. Read about why WordPress is doubling down on remote workforces. Foreverbird Studio is about working on the vision of a diverse and resilient cultural network that will provide opportunities and joy!

Client Projects