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Do you enjoy to creative collaboration?

Group genius is when talent inspires greatness in others. I enjoy promoting great work, and on this page are people who have inspired and collaborated with me. Join an online session about group genius -- view the schedule to RSVP.

Angela Holland

I am moved by the simple visual patterns found in both nature and the manmade world—from cracks in the sidewalk, or a spider’s fragile web illuminated in the morning dew, to the weird formations that ropey lava winds itself into. These lines, textures and colors that I see around me every day provide impetus for my abstract collages. Using paper from many sources—a time-worn, yellowed page from an old book, for example, or some bright photographic image, I decontextualize and arrange the elements, often alongside self-made marks, into a new composition. I am essentially a curator of disparate elements, searching for a state of balance and harmony. And as such, the challenge is as much about seeing as doing. Art is a way for me to express my delight at the visual world, and equally, my way of making sense out of chaos.  For more visit angelahollandart.com

Holly Cline


With over 15 years of experience working with non-profits and individuals on a variety of cultural, educational, and promotional projects, I enjoy collaborating with clients to bring their expertise, talent, or service to the public. My intuitive, supportive, and easy-going personality allows me to work especially well with those who are just venturing into self-promotion. Personally inspired by the extraordinary talents and resources within the community, I am passionate about working out exciting solutions that allow my clients to flaunt their forte! Visit hollyclinedesigns.com

Jojo Chongjaroenjai

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Jojo is an illustrator from Thailand, who now resides in Southern California. With a background in animation, she has been working as a designer and illustrator for over 10 years while continuously engaging herself in the world of quirky character illustration. Although Jojo enjoys experimenting with practical media such as markers and ink, she has recently delved into digital illustration. Her works are inspired by creatures and people she meets in her daily life, each whimsical piece individually handcrafted from her imagination. Follow Jojo on Instagram to view her latest illustrations: @jojotchong For more information please email jojotchong@gmail.com

Karsen Lee Gould

An acclaimed educator, artist, theatre director, and creative arts therapist, Ms. Gould received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Creative Arts Therapies from Antioch University, Santa Barbara. Her career began as a performing artist after completing formal training at the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago and the Theatre School at California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. She soon gravitated toward teaching theatre and movement to children, which eventually informed the core of her understanding of the innate nature of creativity. This led her to work with a wide variety of populations, developing an integrated arts practice teaching creative theatre, expressive dance, and visual art for personal growth. Visit Artforhumanity.com

Kim Jones


I'm a former corporate drone, now a full-time artist living in Southern California. For the most part my artwork is in the form of hand-carved rubber stamps, but you'll find some paintings, prints and ACEOs here as well. I can (and love to) create custom carved stamps of anything you like, including portraits - a lot of people like to have a stamp of their child's face or their pet. Will paint specific subject matter on request. I do a lot of Day of the Dead style artwork, but am interested in just about everything! Blog

Lisa Schouw

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Lisa Schouw is a singer, writer, theater maker, recording artist, performer, psychotherapist, and singing teacher whose artistic work and community connections are motivated by a desire to empower others who have lost, or are looking for, their voice.  Her work is fuelled by the belief that to have a voice is a human right.  It also speaks to the moments of recognition that arise when humans come together into relationship with themselves and each other within the ritual space of music, word, movement, and time.  Lisa is a citizen of the world – born in South Africa, grown in New Zealand, and now living in Australia.  For more information about Lisa visit: www.lisaschouw.com

Tracy Ferron

Tracy Ferron is a writer, visual artist and philanthropist who is committed to finding innovative ways to spark discussion around issues of health and social justice and the much needed emergence of the divine feminine consciousness.  Tracy is a mother of three, based in Mill Valley, California.  She is currently finishing her Humanities Master’s Degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute, which combines her interests in depth psychology, mythology and storytelling.  Her interest in healing and mental health and the engine of her activism comes from her witnessing the heartbreaking journeys of her two severely mentally ill brothers in the public health system. www.tracyferron.com


Chanti Tacoronte-Perez

I have had a paintbrush in my hand since I can remember. In 2002 I graduated from Hampshire Collage with a BA in fine arts, (specifically oil painting) as well as a specializing in special education. Soon after in 2005, I began to deepen my studies in Tantric Yoga with my teacher Rod Stryker founder of Para Yoga. He has taught me that everyone has the ability and deserves to know their purpose and thrive in this life. I  teach Yantra Wisdom workshops & yoga classes all across the United States; and in my masters in Humanities from Pacifica Graduate Institute with an emphasis on Depth Psychology deepens my exploration of healing though creative practice. Learn more at www.yantrawisdom.com

Jennifer Newell

Jennifer Newell is the Owner and Creative Director at SB Creative Content.  She loves to help turn her client’s business dreams into reality using marketing solutions that work with their vision.  Her clients are always people she wants to work with – not brands she wants to work for. 

Learn more by visiting her website at www.sbcreativecontent.com.  

Julie Skon

My name is Julie Skon and I have turned a life-long hobby of discovering creative goods for gifting into a career. I am also a happy mama of two and constant adventure-seeker. My business, Makers + Goods, is where a creative and impactful gifting business and online marketplace. Makers + Goods began as "SB Gifting Suite" which has been providing custom gifts for events like weddings, corporate events, and private parties around the Santa Barbara Region and Southern California for the past five years. Visit Makers + Goods

Kelly Bellarose

I'm in Salt Lake City singer/songwriter. My art feels like the roots, blues, rock, alternative country thing, but you decide. I just love to create and play music. I am also a global public speaker, motivator, and educator. I have specific expertise in personal care, weight management and general health and wellness product development and marketing. I oversee three major 4life consumer-based product brands anchored by patented and certified 4life transfer factor science. This includes formulation, packaging specifications, branding, product marketing, creative direction, print photography and video imagery.  Listen to Kelly on YouTube

Manda Green

Manda Green is a writer obsessed with structure and archetypal meaning. She has written for money and written for accomplishment, and finally learned that writing from the heart is the only writing that matters. In her previous life, Manda wrote and published a handful of stories, but she realized she needed time to grow. She began again in late 2016 with a story in the magazine 1:1000. She has also realized that she needs to draw and paint just as much as she needs to write. See more at One Panda Girl Lane

Mitra Cline (me!)


Is my art great? I can speak to how my art has impacted my life and how other great art has impacted me. My blog, Mitra’s Art Diary, is a record of my journey as an artist. I share with the intention that it inspires others to share creative work too. Awareness of how art impacts human behavior one person to the next is critical because human actions have human consequences. Consequences like self-destructive behavior and planet-endangering climate change, pollution, and war. More at www.myartistdiary.com

Zulema Covarrubias 

My name is Zulema Covarrubias and I was born and raised in the great metropolis of Chicago. I have always possessed a creative drive and eagerly pursued a degree in Graphic Arts. I was inspired by the Bauhaus and their motto "Art and Technology – A new Unity". I believe that 'Art makes the world go round'. When I'm not busy designing, I work on collage art using collected papers, acrylic paint, and other mix media. Website: Zulemac.com • Email: zulema.cov@gmail.com

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Zohe Felici

CEO & Visionary, Zohe understands that excellent customer service relies on a complex choreography of often invisible moving parts. While many only sees their dream come to life, Zohe knows that countless details are attended to by a variety of key performers. It is precisely her ability to manage both her clients and vendors that are the cornerstones to her success. For more information about Zohe visit: www.zohefelici.com


I have had the opportunity to learn from some amazing teachers and have so much gratitude for all the people involved (too many to list) in supporting art education. I've listed only the most influential and started with most recent at the top.

Susan Rowland.jpeg

Susan Rowland

Susan Rowland is Chair of MA Engaged Humanities at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California and was previously Professor of English and Jungian Studies at the University of Greenwich UK. She is author of Jung: A Feminist Revision (2002), Jung as a Writer (2005) and The Ecocritical Psyche: Literature, Complexity Evolution and Jung (2012). She teaches in Jung, gender and literary theory. (see more)

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Jennifer Selig

Jennifer has served as Chair and Research Coordinator in the Depth program at Pacifica before moving into her current role as core faculty. Her books include Thinking Outside the Church: 110 Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Nature, Reimagining Education: Essays on Retrieving the Soul of LearningReimagining Education: Essays on Reviving the Soul of Learning, Mythological Studies Core Faculty; and Integration: The Psychology and Mythology of Martin Luther King, Jr. and His (Unfinished) Therapy With the Soul of America. (see more)


Stew Birbrower

Stew spent 50 years in advertising, eventually becoming Executive Creative Director of Young & Rubicam, at the time the world’s largest advertising agency. Over his career, he worked on many prominent national advertising campaigns, sometimes traveling to remote corners of the globe. He later struck out on his own as a commercial director. He won dozens of awards including multiple Cannes Film Festival Awards, Clios, Tellys, Andys, and One Show Awards. (see more)


Patricia Diorio

Patricia Diorio brings 20 years of experience in education and psychology to her work as an intuitive spiritual counselor and media coach. She is passionate about making a difference in people's lives by inspiring them to remember that we are all powerful spiritual beings having a human experience. Patricia has a B.S. in Education from Central Connecticut State University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Bridgeport. She is the author of, "Balanced In Infinity – Living Your Divinity In A Material World", which is based on her own experience of what works and what doesn't to achieve a life of joy, ease and creativity. (read more)

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Warren Rosser

Warren Rosser is the William T. Kemper Distinguished Professor of Painting, retired as Chair of the Painting Department at the Kansas City Art Institute after 28 years. The work examines an abstract language, exploring architectural forms and constructed space. Selected solo exhibitions have included: Parade: Parallel Tracks at University of Leeds, England, and Jan Weiner Gallery in Kansas City; Repeat Offender at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis; Counterpoint at Epsten Gallery, Kansas City Jewish Museum; Hybrid View at Albrecht Kemper Museum, St Joseph, Missouri; and AlternateTracking at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art at Omaha, Nebraska. Previously he has exhibited his work at the Tate Gallery, London, the KunstMuseum, Düsseldorf, Germany; the Galleria Del Cavallino, Venice, Italy; and at the Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland. (source)

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Carl Kurtz 

A professor in the School of the Foundation Year at KCAI, Carl's work has been shown in numerous solo, group, juried and invitational exhibitions throughout the United States, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Russia. Kurtz's work has been published in the Time/Life Library of Photography series, Print, U&Lc, Letter Arts Review, Scripsit, Calligraphy Review, Lettering Arts and Art in America. He also has received KCAI's Distinguished Achievement Award, a Fulbright-Hays Grant, an Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art Faculty Research Grant and several Mellon Faculty Enrichment Grants. (source)

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Rafael Perea de la Cabada

"In my work as in life, I look not only at what is naturally perceived, but also for the hidden relationships within the cacophony of experience. My concepts and ideas are generated by these interactions, both attractions and repulsions. Sometimes, my creativity navigates between playful thinking, humor, remembrance, or gratitude. At other times it flows from social and political discomfort, disenchantment, or militant passion about current events. The results work themselves out towards some kind of hybrid response, an artistic resolution." (see more)

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Michael Irwin

Michael Irwin is an artist and educator who has lived and worked in Santa Barbara for over 40 years.  He has taught at UCSB and Santa Barbara City College as an art professor.  He has shown his artwork in banks and galleries throughout the west, and his work is in collections across the nation.  Michael has maintained a studio for 35 years in the now infamous funk zone in Santa Barbara, California.  He creates large outdoor sculptures, intricate ceramic sculptures and large-scale enigmatic paintings. (read more)