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To keep integrity and authenticity in a logo means it will change over the years to maintain it's core theme and will become a complex of images. The process of creating a logo will accelerate the brand identity design process because the emerging picture itself can reveal insights about the community it represents. 

The essence of Foreverbir Studio is creative transformation and healthy growth. The logo image changes from years of responding to internal and external realities. Below is a list of the evolution of this business, and if you are interested, read more about this process in the blog post: How to choose a business name

Evolving Logo images and business Names


2004 Outside Living Inside - Gardens

2006 Eco-Eco the Cooperative Community Cart – Dedicated to Transformation

2007 Artist Mobile – MeetUp

2008 Mitra Cline – Artist

2012 Mitra Cline – Graphic Designer

2012 Black Light Stage – Interactive Booth

2013 Foreverbird Studio – Creative Services

2015 Foreverbird Studio – Creative Workshops 

2018 Foreverbird Studio – Brand Building

simple and complex logo use

In the images below you can get a sense of the difference between a standardized approach to logo vs. one that looks at the logo as a more complex system with different but related images. On the standard model, we see the same colors and logo design applied to every item merchandized from a promotion. On the system example, we see the logo with different colors, graphic elements, and styling that can be applied where approriate.

NOTE: The images are simplified version of the kinds of brand assests and guideline documents that are included with standard branding projects.  

Logo Standardization Exmaple


Logo System Example

2018-branding system.jpg

fixed Brand values and principles

When working with an image, it is always a good idea to start with words. We use our imagination to visualize when we read. Doing a close reading is a method of group discussion that illuminated the difference in vision from words. Understanding the word associations in a close reading session can strengthen the integrity of an image and accelerate the process of designing a logo that will be appreciated and describe the community it represents. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 11.20.57 AM.png