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Little bag toolkits for moderating essential social media content activity and live feed publication on the go. You need a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Shoulder Strap Case,  iPhone, Mobile Lens Set, 360 Camera, wires, chargers, pen, personal bank. 


Medium suitcase toolkits for distributing necessary social/brand experience swagg on the go. Contains bag stuff +: 360 camera, iPad, iPhone, TriPod, Mini Photo Booth, Colored Pencils, Rolling Suite Case, Watercolor, Blank Page Sketchbook, Sharpies,  Composition Book,  Battery lights, Promotional Cards, Books, Stickers, Merge Headset, Stamps, Envelopes, Cards.

Tips on creative communication (audio)

Large wagon size toolkit can meet the needs of marketing, making, and selling creative products. The materials list is endless, but the basics in containment and display are a wagon, a bike (or small car), a portable easel, a hanging file holder, small square display box, battery lights, various cloth bags, portfolio, hanging baskets, stool, and rug.

outdoor Festival size Art Prep and Marketing - Event Videos (2013)

Allie is a tour guide, and Jill Littlewood shows us paper techniques at her barn/backyard studio. We work on signs, cd waterfall, outdoor seating, art dome and workshop dome for one outdoor area of the Lucidity Festival.