Digital Media, Marketing, & Consulting

Content marketing, Social Media, Visual Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Web & Print

Mitra orchestrates creative projects with refreshing attention to detail from start to finish. She is effective at communicating messages to an audience, with branding and practical media design. Skilled at cooperative solutions and when necessary, takes responsibility to get the job done — past working experience for technology, software, non-profits, a metropolitan newspaper and more.

  • Reviewing reports and comparing them to short and long-term plans.

  • Over 75 clients, mentorship for art and design students, and educational workshops.

  • Facilitating interactive presentations to teach about mixed reality and social media at events like the City of Santa Clarita's Art Symposium.

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Mitra is wonderful to work with as she is extremely reliable, innovative and has a long term vision. On a personal level, Mitra is a delight to be around as she is positive, wicked intelligent and has a great sense of humor.
— Katrina Maksimuk, Marketing & Community Building

digital content Development & Marketing Technical Requirements

Identifying, Documenting, testing, reDesigning, and Developing technical requirements

Digital marketing requires graphic materials that meet the technical specifications of online applications. Because the technologies are continually updating in a development release cycle, it’s good practice to test, review, and adjust your digital marketing performance on a regular basis. Below are thee examples of the data analytic reports used to evaluate the performance of a marketing strategy.

Sample Wordpress blog Analytics report Dashboard


sample online sale report from Squarespace commerce

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 3.40.20 PM.png

Sample HootSuite Analytics Report on instragram engagement


Are you feeling Overwhelmed by digital media? Try a game to learn and have fun getting to know new people!

The digital world is part of our physical world. Creative social activities like Original Odyssey game demonstrate how today's digital tools connect people to know each other. Below are images to show a little more of the real world interacting with digital media in a fun and playful way. If you would like to plan a workshop about social media and creative work, please contact Mitra for details.