Creative curiosities

Foreverbird Studio produces Commercial and editorial Creative work. Most our clients and products aim to Enlighten, Entertain, Support, Fix, Help, and Educate Crowds of People. 

    About Foreverbird Studio

    My name is Mitra Cline and I'm an interdisciplinary artist and sole-proprietor of Foreverbird Studio. I'm efficient and flexible in communicating with art and design techniques. With nine years of award-winning entrepreneurial experience and fifteen in the arts, I love to bring innovative products and services to adoring audiences. I have cultivated an amazing creative network of inspirational beings that collaborate with me on projects. In addition, I utilize remote contingent workforce technologies.

    Creating A Better Future

    Great art and design can profoundly impact people. At it's highest potential, the impact of art and design is a psychological change in the form of Self-awareness. Great art and design provide an experience of growth, change, development or the emergence of something new for people. As what you eat nourishes your body, so what you imagine nourishes your psyche. Jung (2012) said, “There is no difference in principle between organic and psychic growth.”

    Foreverbird Studio help clients visualize what success and growth look like and also makes it happen. Builders and makers today can leverage technology for achieving collaborative humanitarian and social goals. Today's entrepreneurs and leaders can have a larger and more effective impact because many fantastic public domain resources are available.