Specializing in commercial and editorial creative work, ForeverBird Studio Aims to enlighten, entertain, and educate crowds of people. 

    I wish that our collective creative energy dissolve behavior like pollution and war while solidifying opportunities for the emerging new generations. Awareness of art’s connection to human behavior is critical for achieving epic goals.
    — Mitra Cline

    3 min Design Project video Includes:

    • Original Art Development
    • Product Development
    • Content Marketing Stratagie 
    • eCommerce Website Development
    • Educational Workshop Development

    About Creative Services

    At ForeverBird Studio, creative projects are collaborative and involve at least 2 people (you & me)

    Achieving success in new ventures involves the tricky task of collaborating harmoniously with others. Collaboration is a skill with rewards that go beyond anything an individual is capable of accomplishing.

    What are your goals?

    Today's creative entrepreneurs and leaders have new opportunities because so many digital resources are available for collaboration. Together we inspire each other and support each other to achieve epic goals. As what you eat nourishes your body, so what you imagine nourishes your psyche. Jung (2012) said, “There is no difference in principle between organic and psychic growth.”