Logo Design

A logo is a graphic that is used to represent a business, product or event. This iconic graphic is designed to be recognizable and communicate subtle qualities that are not otherwise stated explicitly. Ideally logos, like the text-based Coca-Cola, become known all over the world and are unique. Logos use archetypal form, or existing visual symbols, to help communicate qualities of a business. For example, the use of a bird image references the idea of spirit and freedom.

Unlike a photograph or illustration, a logo needs to be legible when it's as small as a stamp or as large as a billboard. A logo graphic is created as vector art. Vectors or SVG files are a mathematically generated images that can scale to be large or small without losing quality. 

The Logo Design Process

At Foreverbird Studio and logo design process follows a standard rule of 3. The rule of 3 is 3 logo ideas presented and with three rounds of revisions. Below is an example of this logo design process.


Logos created based off of conversations with client, 3 logo variations are created. 


Step 2:

Logo in finalized based on the feedback from the first round of feedback.

Step 3: 

Based on the feedback from the rounds of feedback the final logo file is made.