Marketing Plans

An overall marketing plan can help business owners focus, manage and control the costs of finding and engaging with customers. A plan ensures your marketing efforts are clear and cohesive in all the channels from social media to trade shows. 

There are many ways to marketing; my philosophy is that a plan must fit like a good pair of jeans, meaning that you get familiar with it. My job is to help you not only create a great looking materials but also to be aware of your messages going out into the world.

Sample marketing plan

I have included here an example marketing plan - in fact, it is the first marketing plan I made for myself when I became self-employed. Many entrepreneurs have little experience with the creative process - no matter what your comfort level, I can help you become aware of the steps involved in the design puzzle, so you make informed choices. These choices we discuss may only be about cost and budgets, or they might be more detailed regarding the psychological impact of your brand, designs and image selection. 


Like any marketing and advertising effort, there is regular maintenance involved with content marketing. Blogs posts need to be made, social media engagement must be done, someone needs to analyze performance reports, and someone needs to manage contacts from this networking activity. The plan requires a budget for time and materials to execute the recurring jobs, like:

  1. Monthly Free Calendar Blog Post
  2. Blog Posts on New Paintings in Process
  3. Sharing posts and engaging in Social Media (facebook, twitter, and linkedIn)
  4. Monthly giveaway to subscribers
  5. Weekly art shows at the beach for sales and networking


Deciding on what to do for marketing requires some research to create a strategy. In most cases, it is the research part that leads to a strategy. It's not always easy to create a winning marketing campaign right from the start. However, if you have a plan, it's easier to dissect the pieces based on results and fix, adjust or build on them one at a time. In this case, the target audience was identified by lifestyle characteristics, geolocation, and education. The marketing strategy was targeted (city), social(word of mouth), public(content marketing), and mobile(pop-up art shop).


Once a plan has been outlined and agreed on then the creative assets needed to be purchased and organized. Assets include all the content needed to complete the desired marketing tools like a business card or website. It's possible to buy stock photos, templates, and royalty-free art online. Investing in a set of core assets builds value to your business. Original content can be used many times in a variety of result products like; business cards, posters, blog posts, product packaging, swag, etc. 


  1. The end result
    1. Website
    2. Newsletter
    3. Business Card
    4. Flyer
    5. Mobile gallery
  2.  Maintenance
    1. Monthly Calendar
    2. Weekly Blog Posts
    3. Social Media Interactions
    4. Monthly Contest For Giveaway
    5. Weekly Public Art Show
  3. Strategy
    1. Target Audience
    2. Analyzing Advertising Reports
  4. Creative Assets
    1. Logo
    2. Copy
    3. Illustrations
    4. Templates

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