Marketing Reports, Brand Books, & UX/UI Design

Present data Clearly and make good choices


Technology-based applications, like all social media platforms, use data and automation to help people achieve their goals. You also need to present that information in a way for people to understand it. This is a fast paced environment as the technology we are using is evolving as we use it. Interactive presentation design that engages people in testing and quick adjustments can help you get the message across. Stand out with communication on multiple levels such as audio, text, and visual messages together. These projects are highly collaborative and involve aligning many perspectives with a large vision.

Start Sample and add detail

A visual layout lets people get the full picture of a brand and marketing plan. The pages below are what I created for myself as a self-employed artist the first year. Now my materials are much more complex as are the products I am developing. You can start with a single page and grow from there as your business needs.