Membership Pricing and benefits

Save time & money in the long run

Foreverbird Membership
from 100.00 every month

There are a limited number of ForeverBird Studio memberships available. Each one includes:

  • 1 FREE 20 min. consultation each month with Mitra

  • Priority same day response via email

  • Project management maintenance with monthly report.

  • Guaranteed hours. If you choose 1 it will includes one hour of work.

  • Benefits do not accumulate if unused within the month.

  • FREE digital workshops and kits for first time members (a value of over $100)

  • Month to month, no long term contracts required, Cancel 15 days in advance.

Members agree to the Terms and Conditions and will fill out questions in the checkout process. Please consult with Mitra prior to purchase to ensure you have the right level of membership for your needs.

Reserved Hours:

Your business would need to invest $1000+ each year in fees for all the software required to plan, manage, create, and edit visual designs. Memberships at Foreverbird Studio start at only $100/month or $1,200/year and will save you money by giving you access to professional design tools and an experienced designer.

Flexible pricing options:

Retainer fees (or memberships), are an automated minimum monthly charge. You can cancel your subscriptions at any time, and you can view and manage subscriptions from the customers panel.

Any work that exceeds the retainer will be invoiced are sent at the end of each month, and due with in 15 days. Any additional charges will not exceed the max monthly spend in our agreement. Discounts are offered to retainer agreements when customers sign up for medium and large rates.

  • Small Retainer $100/mo   

  • Medium Retainer $500/mo 
    +10% discount on labor

  • Large Retainer $1200/mo
    +15% discount on labor

Labor rates

  • Co-working Rate $50/hr
    (One hour min.)

  • Full Service Rate $100/hr
    (billed per 15 minutes)

  • Nonprofit Full Service Rate $50/hr
    (billed per hour)

Project deposits are requited for some things as is based on estimated cost due at the start. For example, common projects costs are:

  • Stock Logo Customization $100  

  • Template Website Custimization $900 

  • Single Digital Marketing Promotion $1,200  

Payment methods

Cash, check, and credit cards accepted. Contact Mitra if you have questions:

Marketing & budgeting 101

Iowa State University recommendations that start-up businesses should devote between 20 and 30 percent of their total annual budget to advertising and marketing during the first and second years. For an existing business, 7 to 10 percent of the total budget.