Monthly Visual design Services

When you agree to monthly services you will get a unique code that makes booking meetings free. You get priority on requests and quick responses. You get access to your own online project management work space and reporting options. When you sign up you get a special BONUS and can use their code to order FREE art materials and try out the social media workshops (a value of over $100).

A monthly services is a base retainer fee and max setting. Some months you will have NEW project needs that exceed the base retainer, but stay under the max monthly spend limit. Additional costs will not exceed the max project spend in our agreements.

Monthly Fixed Rates

Discounts are offered on retainer agreements at the medium and large rate.

  • $50- $500 Small Monthly Retainer Agreements  

  • $500 - $1,500 Medium Retainer Agreements 10% discount

  • $1,500+ Large Retainer Agreements 15% discount

Fixed Meeting rates

See labor costs online on the ‘book a meeting with Mitra’ page. If you agree to a monthly rate, you will be able to book a fixed number of meetings at no additional charge each month of membership.

Flexible Project Rates

Flexible pricing and agreements are available on projects. Deposits, payment in advance, might be required for projects. Common projects include:

  • Custom Graphic Art  

  • Copy Writing 

  • Interactive Web Design  

Payment methods

Contact Mitra if you have questions: