Hourly rates

We can get a lot done in one hour! If you have a small budget or if you are new to working with a consultant, start with booking an hour session. There are free sessions each month too. Cost is no excuse, so get started on your creative project today! Visit the ‘book a meeting with Mitra’ page.

Fixed Project Rates

Fixed pricing and agreements are available for projects. Deposits, payment in advance, might be required for projects. Discounts are offered for ongoing contact agreements.

  • Priority 1: $1,500+ Large Agreements, 15% discount on meetings

  • Priority 2: $500 - $1,500 Medium Agreements, 10% discount on meetings

  • Priority 3: $50- $500 Small Agreements

Common projects include:

  • Social Media Scheduling  

  • Website Analytics Review and Test Reporting

  • Graphic Design Production Tasks / Recurring Content Formatting for Marketing  

Ongoing Projects - Member Perks

If you need ongoing services, you become a member! Members get a monthly invoice with 30 days to pay. They get a unique code that makes booking meeting sessions free. In addition members get:

  • Priority, quick responses on requests via email or phone.

  • Access to online project management work space and reporting options.

  • A special BONUS order of free art materials.

A monthly services is a base and max spend setting. Some months you will have NEW project needs that exceed the base, but stay under the max monthly spend limit. Additional costs will not exceed the max project spend in our agreements.

Payment methods

Electronic invoices with credit, check, or bank transfer via email. Contact Mitra if you have questions: