Branding and Visual design for Products and Prototypes


Stand out from your competition with a clear brand point of view.

When you are merchandising a brand, it is important that you consider the core values and principles to make sure all the aspects of the product, like materials, align with them. Limited edition prototypes are one way to test out a creative ideas.

This photo features a variety of paper products I use in marketing and advertising ForeverBird Studio.

This photo features a variety of paper products I use in marketing and advertising ForeverBird Studio.

Limited Edition art Products

At Foreverbird Studio, for example, limited edition art products are promotional items. Products can be sold in pop up shops, festival events, and conferences or other networking opportunities. Are your products portable, shippable, affordable, and eco-friendly?


selling products online

It is possible to sell products online if you are a business. Not all products are suited for online sales. Marketing a product specifically to sell online requires some creative thinking. Read more about my first online product process on the blog.

Rapid prototyping branded products

It is possible to get rapid prototypes made and tested. While the per unit cost is high, you can now order one-off designs online using print on demand services for all types of products. It is recommended to work with a local printer when ordering final products, to ensure the quality of materials and support the local economies. There are many options, including 3D printing. One example is Redbubble and they offer 1 order prints of T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Tank Tops, Device Cases, Stickers, Wall Art, Stationery, Bags.

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test marketing branded products


Wouldn't it be amazing to sell a million widgets on the web and become rich overnight? With a beta launch of your product, it can help give you important feedback before you go big on investing in inventory. With a global customer base and a virtual global store, the sky is the limit. If you have a great product, it only takes a little work to beta launch your product for sale on the web. You can read more about beta testing an online store, online advertising, and product marketing materials on the blog.

crowdfunding branded products

If you are thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign you may or may not want to read this post. It includes an example low budget crowdfunding marking plan. My personal experience with marketing a RocketHub campaign is outlined in the following paragraphs and includes both my achievements and faults as I see them. On the positive side I feel the process was overall rewarding because, as a result of this, I am better informed about how to go forward with marketing my product. On the negative side, I spent a lot (comparatively) of time, money and energy investigating marketing ideas that did not result in a return on my investment-other than experience. I hope that by writing this post, I might help other entrepreneurs to make informed decisions in this process.

If you need a reminder about what kinds of materials are involved in launching a product or service, visit the open source side-project checklist for marketing and sales.