Start a new Project

Projects should fit into strategic planning for flexible design with original content that will appreciate in value for your business over time. If you are new to marketing, read the creative service guide that is an overview of digital materials and methods used in marketing.

More details on work requests

1. You request work on a project by selecting a one, three, or six-day project estimate above and checkout. (The deposit fee is nonrefundable. It does count toward the total bill.)

2. Wait for an email with your details confirmed that also includes a project quote outline/agreement, based on the information you provided in the request. (The online form just asks the basic questions for your quote, and emails a record of the answers.)

3. You agree and pay 50% of the project estimate in advance. (Members are invoiced at the end of each month via email with 15 days to pay the balance, and members can set monthly spending caps.)

4. Then, the project goes along per the agreement. 

Got more questions? I think that is great! Please set up a time to talk to me about what you need. If you are first time customer, use the code MYDESIGN for a free Quick Fix session.