Original Odyssey Cards

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Original Odyssey Cards


Part creative journal, part puzzle, and part game there is no ‘right way' to play with these cards. Designed to spark imagination in individual art practice or in creative group collaboration using depth psychology concepts, Original Odyssey is exercise for creative thinking practice. 

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playful, portable,
and imaginative game.

transform any place into a creative space or focus on your inner world & spark imagination!

these cards are different from other types of cards because you make them unique

Beginner lesson on how to use the cards

  1. color in the blank landscape on the back of the cards

  2. imagine how to adapt a card game to this deck

  3. write on one of the cards

  4. add a sticker to your favorite

Because the cards are made for writing on them, Over time, your deck will turn into a record of creative work that becomes like a little personal art portflio.

12 Video Tutorials on how to play

Embrace your creative potential

Map your personal progress. Collaborate, improvise & innovate. 
+Discover the mental health benefits of creative work.

What are these cards for?

Fun, and also to facilitates healthy mental stimulation

The imagery used in this game is playful and represents the inner child’s creativity and freedom. We often hear the key to staying sharp includes physical exercise, healthy eating, and mental stimulation, but how many times has the doctor recommended creating art, having fun and playing social games?  With the release of a recent May Clinic study linking making art to preventing cognitive decline, however, we may have a new excuse to spend time creating and playing games.

Healing potential in the hands of an expert

In the hands of a professional, such as an art therapist, working with these cards can facilitate transformative experiences. Played alone Original Odyssey focuses imagination, adding a second player turns the game towards collaboration while additional players expand communication skills.  This trifecta of imagination, collaboration, and communication, coupled with the highly visual/artistic angle of the game, are part of the essential functions that can increase the quality of life and mental health regardless of a players’ age or artistic ability

Details about the card design

Created, assembled and shipped from Santa Barbara. These cards are square, 3 by 3 inches, with colorful images and words printed on 100% post-consumer waste fibers, Ultra Digital Green™ uncoated papers that are FSC certified and archival. The smooth finish and brightness create exceptional image quality. The cards divide equally into 3 sequential suits of 11 labeled; inside, outside, and art.

Packaging pencil and in a bag

Each set of 33 cards come in a bag. The card are wrapped in plastic and it includes a small pencil and a certificate of authenticity. You  can continue to store everything together or add to the collection some of your own favorite things like stickers. I love to add stickers to my cards!

Numbered, Limited Editions

Each set of Original Odyssey cards is signed and numbered in a limited edition series. With your purchase you will find a square certificate the lists the number and the edition of your cards. It also includes an embossed seal so you know it's authentic. 

DIY, Create your own set of cards for free!

Price should never be a limitation for anyone who wants to play! That's why the DIY set of cards is FREE - if you have a printer at home then you can make your own set of cards. Simply email your request for DIY cards to mitra@foreverbird.com

Card Parties

Join a card party over the phone. We play with Original Odyssey – beautiful artist puzzle – using a variety of different ideas. We explore the design aspects of the cards and ways to play creatively.  I think it’s nice over the phone because, by focusing on the voice, you have to use your imagination, and it also provides a sense of anonymity.

Contact to learn about dates and times.

I really liked the way the cards were connected to bigger person issues. It was so nice to see the collective effort of everyone contributing ideas and thoughts. Very open, free-thinking and a great way to promote creative thoughts and ideas.
— Kaile

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