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I’ve worked with Mitra over the past 5 years on a variety of projects and have always been incredibly impressed with the quality of her work at Foreverbird Studios and the value she provides through her creative vision and efficient productivity.

We recently completed a comprehensive branding effort for my new start-up company, and on my shoestring budget, Mitra was able to deliver an incredibly inspiring business artwork package including a professional logo, color schemes, letterhead, business cards, stationary, envelopes, and a variety of options for my use in creating my website graphics and other materials - all of this within a couple weeks at an incredibly affordable rate.

She also very efficiently provided an invaluable tutorial of the Squarespace interface where I host my website so that I now have the skills to independently create and manage my website without incurring costs for the countless changes that I’ll be making over time.

Mitra’s deep understanding of human behavioral psychology (i.e. why people make decisions like buying your products ;) in addition to her fine art skills and business acumen, make Mitra an invaluable partner for any business or organization at any stage of development.

Whether your starting up, launching a new product line, refurbishing your online presence, or just wanting to improve the quality of your current brand or project, Foreverbird Studios will be able to guide you through the process as a trusted advisor in all things art, business, and marketing.
— Tylor Middlestadt President & Founder InflectionPoint Design + Development Group, LLC
Mitra was the visual designer for the launch of iFixit 2.0, our wiki user interface. We worked together on expanding the iFixit community to include all forms of DIY repair. She is tremendously talented, and a delight to work with.
— Kyle Wiens, CEO iFixit + Dozuki @kwiens
Mitra is a great creative asset for any company. She truly understands how to deliver visual incarnations of complex business ideas. She has shown an ability to work on multiple projects with time and budget constraints and still deliver great results. She is also a brilliant artist.
— Gideon Rubin, Experienced Entrepreneur | Local Search | Mobile | Speaker
You are a rock star thank YOU so much for all you do!!

I have to say–every time I have worked with you– everything you deliver is always perfect–you always bring so much more to the table than I or anyone could ever expect or hope for–Mitra you blow me away each and every time with your professionalism, attention to detail and boundless creativity in all that you do–I do not think I have ever said that to anyone in my whole career–but I meant it–you rock my planet!!!! I am a huge fan !!!

— Nathalie, Youth Interactive
Foreverbird Studio is the best thing that has ever happened in my business! I am an independent business owner, and was struggling with prioritizing my marketing, branding and innovatively setting my company apart from competitors. The creative collaboration I was looking for started from the moment I met Mitra. We were working on an event with a common client. When I saw the eye-catching and strategic marketing ideas she presented to the client, I knew she was going to be exactly what I was looking for. I now have been working with Foreverbird Studio and Mitra for over 3 years. It has made such a huge impact in my company and the goals we have accomplished seem seamless and strategic. I actually get excited when talking marketing rather than overwhelmed. I appreciate Mitra’s time, knowledge and foresight into making this an effective part of working on my business.
— Zohe Felici of Felici Events
We have been working with Mitra for almost a year. Mitra is in charge of our social media at Sandbox Coffeehouse, Ventura. We could not be more happier with her creativity and on going research of what is current in media. Finding the right company to handle your social media is very difficult, we highly recommend ForeverBird Studio.
— Todd Ryzow, Sandbox Coffeehouse
I have worked with Mitra Cline on several projects and she has been key in marketing campaigns. Mitra is able to efficiently communicate messages to the audience and starts with branding and creates effective campaigns that include, design, marketing materials and social media. On a professional level, Mitra is wonderful to work with as she is extremely reliable, innovative and has a long term vision. On a personal level, Mitra is a delight to be around as she is positive, wicked intelligent and has a great sense of humor.
— Katrina Maksimuk, Marketing & Community Building
Mitra is consummate professional In her work as a graphic artist and social media expert. Not only is she amazingly creative and brilliant in her design, she is a joy to work with!
— Patricia Diorio of Get Conscious Now
Mitra is a great person and highly skilled Creative Director. I worked with her for close to 2 years and she has the passion and skill to turn even the most mundane jobs into eye-catching works. She can tell a story with pictures that everyone could understand, no matter how complex the story.
Her attention to detail is refreshing and her ability to manage projects successfully from start to finish was greatly appreciated.
I hope to work with Mitra again in the future.
— Deon van der Vyver, EVP Technology at Local Market Launch
Mitra has more than a wonderful creative mind, she also understands brand positioning. This allowed us to rely on her when crafting creative for critical client pitches and external marketing collateral. She was not only the driving force behind many things creative and functional, but also in process design, which is essential to campaign success. She consistently delivered on-the-fly and under extremely tight deadlines.
— Erik Butler, Sales Director at Adroit Digital
Love you Mitra as a person and your Artwork is a reflection of your Beautiful Soul ! Luv you my Soul Sista!
— Miyuki Harley, Musician