Foreverbird Studio

How we Achieve Goals

Foreverbird Studio leverages playful creative processes in achieving desired results for businesses and individuals. Relevant creative processes from the fields of archetypal psychology, design thinking, and studio art practice help to accomplish jobs like:

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing

  • Art Practice Research

  • Creative Direction

  • Content Development

  • Consulting

Foreverbird Studio is the best thing that has ever happened in my business! I am an independent business owner, and was struggling with prioritizing my marketing, branding and innovatively setting my company apart from competitors. The creative collaboration I was looking for started from the moment I met Mitra. We were working on an event with a common client. When I saw the eye-catching and strategic marketing ideas she presented to the client, I knew she was going to be exactly what I was looking for. I now have been working with Foreverbird Studio and Mitra for over 3 years. It has made such a huge impact in my company and the goals we have accomplished seem seamless and strategic. I actually get excited when talking marketing rather than overwhelmed. I appreciate Mitra’s time, knowledge and foresight into making this an effective part of working on my business.
— Zohe Felici of Felici Events

How we work

Remote sessions

Classes & group events.

collaboration sessions

Work with an expert. 


Full service creative work. 

How we share values

"Since 2008 I have worked with over 75 businesses and individuals to achieve goals. I also promote and support a creative network. I care that Foreverbird Studio's clients, vendors, and projects share core values."
– Mitra Cline M.A., Owner of Foreverbird Studio

  • Impact

  • Humor

  • Objectivity

  • Optimization

  • Mastery

  • Respect

  • Adaptability

  • Appreciation

  • Beauty

  • Communication

  • Determination

  • Humility

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