Achieving Goals

Achieving high value things in life involves the sometime tricky task of communicating and collaborating harmoniously with others. Collaboration is a skill with rewards that go beyond anything an individual is capable of accomplishing. At Foreverbird Studio, creative projects are collaborative and involve at least 2 people.

The term collaborative circle refers to self-forming groups of like-minded individuals with shared goals and similar skill levels in a particular area. Circles allow individuals an opportunity to explore ideas and be innovative in a safe environment. Often formed during transitional moments in life, these groups evolve through distinct phases and eventually dissolve. The peak experience in the group activity results in a sum that is greater than its parts. The synergy of the circle can help individuals develop and may also result in innovative ideas that benefit society (Farrell, 2003).

Regular Meetings 

Video sessions

In Person Meetings

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Phone Calls

Constant communication is key to our success because, as Sawyer (2008) explained, “Conversation leads to flow, and flow leads to creativity” (p. 34).

shared Values

"Since 2008 I have worked with over 75 businesses and individuals. I care that Foreverbird Studio's clients, vendors, and projects share core values." – Mitra
  • Impact

  • Humor

  • Objectivity

  • Optimization

  • Mastery

  • Respect

  • Adaptability

  • Appreciation

  • Beauty

  • Communication

  • Determination

  • Humility

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