Visualizing Brand Building

Data Visualization for work and play

There are many different kinds of maps a person can make. Included here are a few examples of how using data visualization design and technology can help with building and maintaining a stable brand identity. 

app with user data visualizations 

Technology-based applications that use data and offer data visualization help people make better decisions because it provides another point of view from which so see the world. The example here is a mobile app I worked on call VoteUp.

paper with map Visualizations 

Here are three map examples of 3 different projects. On the left, a coloring book puzzle map used in a creative game. In the center, a local festival map used in the printed event program. In the end, a cycling route map used for the Wildcat Granfondo.

digital file with brand guidline Visualization 

This example includes pages from my first marketing plan. To get a see the full picture, I layout pages with the materials and research used for launching myself as a self-employed artist.